Our Proprietary Technology

Managing all your marketing and media needs from one portal


Automation saves brands time, money, and mistakes. With our Local Marketing Automation Platform, LMap, create programmatic rules and back-end coding solutions that can be implemented either programmatic profile rules on a location level, or programmatic brand rules on a brand level.

Enabling greater access to opportunities at national, regional, and local level.

Local creative customization leverages the programmatic profiles rules to version automatically on a local level, but also goes a step further by allowing customization within pre-determined brand guidelines.

Versioning options

Brands create allowable versioning options from backgrounds to coupons, as well as open-ended variable fields.

Approval Workflows

With approval workflows we ensure brand standards are maintained.

National Ad Fund

Programmatically determine what locations or territories are being covered by National Ad Fund Dollar Media Buys.

Localized Artworks

Automatically add locations and territories to artwork that is being distributed in a geography.

Our Grand Opening automation takes the management and stress out of what is arguably the most angst-ridden part of opening a business.

Kits and printed materials

Media Planning & Buying

Automated Reminders, Approval Workflows, and Escalation Notifications

Trackable Phone Numbers

Our Intelligent Phone Number system will create a unique phone or fax number, layered over your phone line, to track and record calls, all stored and accessible within LMap.

Complete Transparency

Our Corporate Communications Intranet enables you to house all of your other useful marketing communications, in one centralized place. You can post important updates, new menu items, LTO information, Local Store Marketing competitions, and newly available creative to the network in LMap, either to the network or segments, as the system to the system, or individual/brand to any host of configurations, with verification workflows options as well.

Media Execution

Leveraging our consumer, media distribution & research databases, we provide automated, customizable Media Planning and Buying for ALL Paid Media. We have the largest consolidated selection of national and local media options available for brands today. Paid print, broadcast, cinema, radio, digital, mobile, direct and shared mail, outdoor, and non-traditional offerings, are all available through our automated platform LMap for franchisees to buy directly, either self-serve or with personalized media planning assistance. In fact, we have the largest database of print publications, the largest list of consumer addresses, and the only agency with the entire shared mail footprint in the country, which means we have unparalleled and immediate access to the everchanging information media information. We do media more intelligently and faster than anyone.


Our Barcode Solution allows you to scan Barcodes that are part of coupons or loyalty programs. Creating a digital scanning solution when your POS can’t. Create unique or even one-time bar codes from within our system, and provide scanning even without a POS system. Layer on your client customer data to create advanced offer segmented campaigns, offer testing, loyalty programs, territory assessment, customer journey programs, or grand opening programs. And leverage our discount management system for advanced tracking and segmented offer delivery, all from within LMap. Best Practice Alert: If a barcode is not redeemed on a postcard and it has an expiration date on it, we have the ability to send an e-mail 48 hours before the expiration date so that you can remind them. Pro Tip: Include the coupon (new barcode of course but same offer) to track the effectiveness of the additional touchpoint. The second individual barcode will allow you to track the media channel.

Data Aggregation

We aggregate data from premier partners to provide the best and most accurate information across all categories. From demographic information to location and digital data, Silvercrest works with the top data providers to leverage over 300 year’s worth of experience. The data is aggregated in LMap allowing you and your brand to have simplified access to the world’s most sophisticated data sets, with 14,000 data points, upon which you can also layer on your own sales data for specific targeting and robust reporting. This facilitates a more holistic view of your customer base and advanced territory analysis, by layering on additional data it expands the understanding of the customers’ profile.

Plus, our unique relationship with the USPS, provides us with real-time CASS certification, merge/purge capabilities, duplication, identification, NCOA, as well as Intelligent Mail Bar Code Creation, both for Offline to Online Media Activations based on mail delivery notifications from the USPS. Providing you with access to the largest database of consumer addresses in the country, making 1:1 communication not only feasible but also immediately accessible.


We build all of our own technology and thus are able to seamlessly integrate with other premier providers, enabling real-time access to posting, content, inventory, pricing, and deployment. Our current integrations include, but are not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google, POS Systems (Aloha, etc), Centro, Spectrum, AT&T, Barcode Systems, and all media vehicles.

Since we develop all of our technology, we are not limited by any third party API integration. Said another way: we can integrate with any platform.