Silvercrest Advertising Services Proof of Performance

Did it run? It's a common question from print advertisers. All agencies need to display proof that every client ad placement actually ran in the intended publication. Each publication needs to provide a tear sheet showcasing the exact placement and date of the ad.

Traditional tear sheet management is by its nature a cumbersome procedure. The publication sends a tear sheet in the mail, which is then combined with the ads from other publications. However, tear sheets come in all different sizes, aren't easy to sort and review, and let's be honest, it's no fun getting your hands dirty. Silvercrest Advertising is always looking to save client's time and money. Clients don't need the inconvenience of managing stacks of tear sheets. We want our partners to spend their time on revenue-generating activities, not the tedium of tracking proof of performance.

Our solution? An innovative scanning system that captures tear sheets in rich detail and also automatically resizes each one to a standard 8½ x 11 size, or a custom size that fits a client's needs. We can print tear sheets or simply email them for immediate confirmation of every ad. The system also integrates electronic tear sheets in use by some publications, so our clients receive complete proof of performance.

Count on Silvercrest Advertising to ensure every ad is accounted for and runs in the right publication. Contact us today for more information.