Silvercrest Advertising Services Media Placement Military Market

Military market statistics:

  • Military members are a prime niche audience of 18 to 34-year-olds with steady incomes, interest in consumer goods, and strong buying power
  • On-base personnel have a higher percentage of disposable income because their housing and other expenses are paid for
  • Active duty Military members enjoy a 100% employment rate so nearly every reader is a potential consumer

Nearly 90% of active duty personnel are active readers of Military base publications¹. These outlets can provide stellar advertising ROI for advertisers due to a loyal and engaged audience. We understand the Military print advertising market, and help advertisers build revenue through this often untapped population group.

Military members use these publications to learn about new regulations, local events, commissary sales, promotions, and also many other topics that would be found in typical community-based publications.

Few agencies possess real experience with Military-focused publications. We work closely with more than 175 Military media outlets, and understand the unique readership and style of every one. Our superior media research allows us to build customized plans to reach both active duty Military and spouses.

We understand the type of products that are most attractive to this community, and build print placement campaigns that match products to certain publications. Contact us today to learn more about reaching the Military markets with compelling advertising.