Silvercrest Advertising Services Media Placement

Effective print placement. It's the cornerstone of what Silvercrest Advertising delivers to clients. Going it alone or choosing another agency means overpaying for the wrong placement. You need industry experts to guide you to the right print advertising outlet for immediate results.

Experience does matter when choosing an advertising agency. We know the ins and outs of thousands of publications, especially those covering the College/University, military, and LGBT markets.

The success of your entire print campaign rests on proper planning. Our expert campaign planners at Silvercrest Advertising will identify the key targets that fit your business. We'll also suggest some calculated risks in new markets so you can discover untapped customers by using our proprietary planning tools.

Our print advertising experience and personal relationships also allow us to secure preferred pricing, so businesses can stretch their ad budgets for bigger media buys and greater impact. Through print advertising negotiation and volume buying, we can arrange premium placements and other considerations from publishers.

Our personal service extends beyond simply telling you where to spend your advertising dollars. We help you manage the actual work with our proprietary creative trafficking software and give you accurate specification data so your design team can focus on your brand image, not changing ad specs.