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Striking LGBT market statistics:

  • More than 170 LGBT focused publications with an average 40,000 circulation
  • Total spending of LGBT individuals was $743 billion in 2010¹
  • Nearly 50% of lesbian and gay individuals chose LGBT-friendly brands over less expensive or more convenient alternatives¹

Our personal and professional experience in the LGBT advertising market is unmatched in the advertising industry. While there are some broad differences between the LGBT and straight communities, in terms of advertising, everyone is a consumer. And consumers want to choose companies that emphasize service, price, and quality. By reaching the LGBT community, advertisers can tap a powerful group of individuals who hold significant buying power and are willing to spend more for top brands.

We know every sub-segment of the LGBT market and the right publications to reach those niches. With a 12.5 million member total circulation, this fast-growing segment represents individuals who continue to spend on products and services despite the recession. We guide advertisers on how to reach this diverse group, present gay-friendly advertising content, and realize the real revenue benefits of making LGBT individuals a core customer segment.

Our research and focus extends beyond the bigger LGBT advertising markets of San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, or Atlanta. We also understand the smaller city markets and the international scene, so we can provide clients with a comprehensive LGBT-focused plan. Contact us today to learn more about targeted LGBT print advertising.