Silvercrest Advertising Services Competitive Analysis

We approach competitive advertising analysis with a "who", "what", "when", "where", and "why" approach.

  • Who are your main competitors that are in the market
  • What products or services are they promoting
  • When do they advertise ( perhaps around seasonal sales or annual industry conferences)
  • Where are they adverting
  • Why are they choosing certain publications

For a business to be successful, one eye should always be kept on what the competition is doing. Reviewing advertising can provide a wealth of data about a company that can be analyzed and interpreted. Quality competitive analysis from Silvercrest Advertising provides clients with a blueprint on how to differentiate themselves from competitors, not to simply copy their behaviors. We know the major players in several industries, with considerable knowledge of our core niches; College/University, Military, and LGBT.

Thorough review of competitor ads can alert clients to key initiatives such as new product launches, discounted pricing, a new strategic path, product bundling, and several other competitor actions.

Our competitive research provides both us and our clients with actionable intelligence. For example, if a competitor is broadcasting an inferior product, we might advise clients to run ads that coincide with the competition so they can broadcast positive product differentiators.

Many of our clients use our complete advertising competitive analysis as part of their broader competitive matrixes which alter their marketing strategies, pricing, and many other business decisions. Contact us today to learn more.