Silvercrest Advertising Services Media Placement College/University Advertising

College/University Advertising Market Notes:

  • Students represent $417 billion in spending power (a 14% jump from 2010)
  • Despite rising tuition costs, the number of students in College/University continues to rise
  • More than 1,800 publications in this segment with over seven million in total circulation
  • College graduates earn and spend much more than high school graduates on average
  • The narrow 18-24 year typical age allows advertisers to more easily focus content

Many companies are eager to reach the College/University market for either direct sales or a broader brand awareness campaign. There are myriad publications in this segment to choose from, and advertisers can quickly extinguish their ad budgets without much to show for it. Advertisers need guidance from an experienced agency that specializes in the College/University space and can guide them to the perfect audience.

College/University students are early in their consumer lifecycle, making them perfect targets for advertisers who want to establish long-term brand loyalty. Students typically live in close quarters and can significantly influence peer buying decisions and encourage impulse purchasing.

While certain product categories such as mobile devices, personal care, and entertainment represent a significant portion of spending, university students respond well to many different products and services. This is where our expertise comes into play. We conduct market research and use our experience to craft custom print placement plans to match up advertiser's offerings with the ideal publications.

Choosing the right publications for College/University-focused advertising campaigns requires an experienced hand. Contact us today to learn how Silvercrest Advertising can help you conquer this complicated yet lucrative market.